The Recreditpair Consumer Product

    You will sell more cars helping people than you will by selling people.

     Credit Education and Improvement 

    • Nearly 80% of all credit reports contain some kind of error; out of those errors, 25% are serious
    • Recreditpair teaches consumers how to read and understand credit reports and then take action
    • Consumers learn their rights and how to navigate within the law to get rid of costly errors
    • A built-in letter generator provides a fast and easy way to dispute inaccuracies
    • Consumers learn how to get free credit reports for life
    • Access to Recreditpair is via a physical CD package or an "Instant Access" graphic on your webiste
    • Our nationally selling book Recreditpair! A Complete Guide to Understanding and Improving Your Credit" is included in electronic form right inside the software

     Lead Capture

    • Your dealerhip(s) get a unique keycode that ties the lead back to your organization
    • Capture potential customers information and instantly populate your DMS/CRM every time someone registers to use Recreditpair
    • Receive lead notifications on your smart phone
    • Recreditpair includes a CRM that shows all your leads in one dashboard
    • Track your lead sources and advertising effectivness
    • Build your database for fixed ops sales and special event marketing
    • Incentivise your sales staff and track who is referring leads or passing out the software through the Recreditpair CRM

     Promote Your Brand Inside

    • We place your logo prominently at the top of our software. Your brand is always in front of the consumer when they use Recreditpair
    • A customized video with your logo welcomes and thanks the new registrant on your behalf
    • Portions of your website are embedded right inside Recreditpair!
    • Include up to 9 pages of dealer specials and discounts
    • Your loan application or finance lead-capture page is also included via a primary button in the software
    • Offer a $500 coupon good toward vehicle purcahse or discounts on parts and service