Promoting the Availabilty of Recreditpair

    • Enjoy an immediate increase in traffic
    • Offer Recreditpair as an incentive to everyone to come to your store
    • Give Recreditpair as a gift when setting appointments and boost your show ratios
    • Watch Co-signers come out of the woodwork
    • Give someone you cannot finance options, rather than just saying "Goodbye"

    When you become a Recreditpair partner, you get customized collateral for all media sources to get the word out!

    Website Graphics

    Promote Instant Access on your site(s)

    We have buttons, banners and social media icons

    Promote the message that the visitor can "Learn How to Improve their Credit" at no cost

    We supply the HTML code for your website developer/provider

    Place our graphics on your home page, finance page, and wherever it makes sense


    :30 Television Spot

    Customized with your dealership logo and call tracking number

    Promote Instant Access via your website

    Use it in TV advertising, on your website, or social media such as YouTube or Facebook


    Radio Advertising

    :30 or :60 Second Spots

    We produce the spot(s) for you or provide sample scripts

    Digital delivery from our FTP site


    Print Advertising

    Showroom Flyers

    Newspaper Ads

    Web graphics and logos

    Business Cards

    "Laugh Your Way to Better Credit" Seminar

    Featuring Jim Longacre, national credit expert live and in person for two fun-filled hours of info-tainment. Consumers learn how to improve their credit and have a good time doing it.

    Every attendee receives a free copy of Recreditpair with your keycode and donated in your name.

    Sponsors get the opportunity to address the audience.

    Advertising Collateral

    TV Ad

    Radio Ad

    Flyer/Newspaper Ad


    News Coverage